Songstress YAEL is a well-known on-stage performer with a flair for modern opera, but with her debut album Fly away she establishes herself as a contemporary English singer.

This debut album is testament to her creativity, musical flair and untainted voice.

YAEL, who is christened with a Hebrew name meaning “blessed by God,” has produced this album in collaboration with the internationally acclaimed producer, actor and singer, Richard Loring.

“In my 50 years in the entertainment industry, producing and nurturing talent, I have rarely found a voice so pure and powerful,” says Loring about her phenomenal talent.

Her performances included lead roles in modern opera, solo classical recitals, one-woman shows, and CNBC Africa’s All Business Leadership Awards, but she became known in the more populist circles when she performed the French National Anthem (she is also fluent in French) at the opening test match between South Africa and France in June 2017.  

Fly Away is an easy-listening album containing twelve tracks (with a bonus track Eres Tu featuring the Soweto Spiritual Singers).

“Fly Away” reconnoiters a diverse mix of classical, rock and contemporary songs including songs originally written by David Foster, Madonna, Brian May, Mick Jagger, Albert Hammond, Barbra Streisand.

Four of the songs, featuring on this album, Bed of Roses, Creep, No one but you and You’ll see have been selected for radio play.

But it is the songs, Viva La Vida, Canto Alla Vita and Eres Tu, featuring the Soweto Spiritual Singers that will steal the hearts of music connoisseurs.   Her Eurocentric classical voice combined with the rich down-to-earth tones of an African choir makes for an exciting and dramatic musical journey.

In this album, YAEL effortlessly surpasses boundaries of culture, race, language and genre through African, European, pop, folk, and contemporary music, which blend into one rich experience

She embraces the diverse cultures of South Africa. “South Africans can show the world, currently so torn by racial strife, that one way to tolerance and peace is love for humanity through music.”

YAEL’s repertoire extends across various languages – English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Hebrew, Yiddish and Zulu, making her one of the most diverse singers in the South African entertainment industry.

Press release : Date: March 2018

Produced by Richard Loring

For more information contact Lydia Winchester

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