BROKEN to BEAUTIFUL- poem by LizZy

Broken to Beautiful

Hearts Renewed beat

In the face of adversity 

Courage we greet 

The Glue of Grace with Love overflow 

A halo of blessings with golden glow 

The oil of joy like a river flow 


Strengthened to grow ..

Fields of wheat

Harvests ready and sweet

Trees steadfast by the waters side 

Carry fruit even in arid tide

A Garment of Praise 

Worries erase 

Through every Season 

Every Man.

Is in the Caring Hands of the Great I Am 

To soar above within His plan

Truth souls ignite  

Freedom with Mighty Wings alight  

Prepared to soar where insight and wisdom takes flight 

Clothed in splendour with Peace as key

to overcome waves of adversity 

A seagull perches on crest of wing

Reflecting a new thing the waves of restoration bring  

Close your eyes and feel what’s deep within

It’s the Dawning of a brand New Spring 

Elizabeth Welch 


May 2018

Adele Bantjes

Poem specifically written to go with 

Adele Bantjes art piece for as per attached picture above

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