Let’s Sing written by Lizzy

It seems that I always have a song playing in the crevices of my mind and the chambers of my heart. I often tell my friends I think in songs and also catch myself singing so often. Whenever I play Cinderella at home I choose to  brush  the cobwebs away with waves of music filtering through the air. I even belt out a tune or two in the shower.

Let’s just say the neighbours know I’m home when I sweep the leaves up outside or hang the laundry out to dry. Whenever I’m driving my car and songs I enjoy or know play on the radio I unashamedly join right in.
I bop my head and move to the groove in the driver’s seat.
My hand often tapping to the beat on the steering wheel.
I’ve had people wave, wink, smile and laugh from their cars when we stop at robots.

I used to sing to my patients ~ had a couple of them join right in too. I will never forget a very special lady with terminal cancer who sang back to me, literally from her death bed.
She trusted me to do specific things for her and one day apologised for needing my help so much.
I responded by singing an impromptu version of
“I’ll do anything for you dear anything” to her.
I changed the words to suit our situation .
She used all her strength to prop herself up on one arm, with an open abdominal wound, to joyfully respond in song and sounded like a nightingale that had descended from heaven.
Her voice and song of courage still echoes on in my memory and always will. I’ll also always remember special songs mothers have sung to their children in intensive care units and cancer wards.

We all go through difficult circumstances, discouragement and challenges in life, valleys and mountain tops, but experiences like these have taught me that we can still always have a special song playing deep within our souls. I’ve personally discovered that in times where I struggle to see a breakthrough in specific areas it’s better for me to battle and press forward with praise on my lips and worship in my heart.

The miracle of inner joy that’s within my soul often plays out through my voice, despite what’s going on in my life or body. Have you not also found that singing and music change the atmosphere? If you say you can’t sing, remember that
God is not concerned about the sound of our voices, our voice range, the features of our faces or the designer label in our clothes.

God cares and is concerned about the song that’s playing within our souls and our willingness to praise Him with all that we have in and through all circumstances.
God looks at the heart. Each one of us has been given a special and unique song to sing. Remember the songs we are called to sing may not be of the melodic type either.

Our lives can play a love song to the world.

Our thoughts and actions convey what  melody is playing within our souls. Are the songs we are singing ones that others need or want to hear.

Let’s make a point of singing with our lives.

Let’s attempt to make every moment we are granted on this journey towards heavens gate a beautiful  love song that could encourage another and echo melodies of the Hope we have.

These songs may bring some sort of relief in a stressed world.

Let’s sing songs that have a melody of kindness and forgiveness as high notes.

Let’s sing songs that bring delight to our Heavenly Father and cause the angels around the throne to rejoice

The Word states
“The Lord God is my strength and my song”
Isaiah 12:2

We as ambassadors for Christ should have our love songs singing so loudly, that all who come near us will hear it and will want to know what song it is that is playing so beautifully.

God Bless everybody
Elizabeth Welch

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