Blindside by :Wilma Adriaanse

South Africa’s thriving underworld is dark and diverse, a nest of brutal thugs commanded by shady international operators. Their reach spans the globe; their grasp touches every part of society. 

Still mourning the death of her father, her guiding light and an honest cop if ever there was one, Lieutenant Ellie McKenna accepts a case to infiltrate Cape Town’s criminal world. Hired to protect the young girlfriend of the high flying, dirty dealing night club owner Enzio Allegretti, she is acutely aware that one false move could be fatal. But how do you protect a girl when her entire social circle is full of dodgy characters? And how do you stay out of danger while living in a den of snakes? Who do you trust? The loving boyfriend in a dubious line of work? The concerned family with connections in all the wrong places? Or the inscrutable head of security?

Ellie knows full well that in this job the brave often end up dead… blindsided by a faceless enemy.


Wilna Adriaanse was born in 1958 in the Kalahari but grew up in Worcester. She is best known for her novels Met ander woorde (2006), Vier seisoene kind (2010) and Dubbelspel (2014). ’n Klein lewe (2012) came about as a result of her MA studies in creative writing. Blindside is the English translation of Dubbelspel, which will be followed by the sequel End Game in July.

Wilna currently divides her time between Botswana and the South Africa.

For more information about the book or its author, please contact Jean Pieters at or 021 406 3033

Publisher: Tafelberg Publication

 Date: 20 March 2019

Price: R300*

Pages: 448

Format: 234 mm x 152 mm

Binding: Paperback / softback

 Category: Fiction ISBN13: 9780624086468 Pub ISBN: 9780624086475 Edition: 1 Impression: 0

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