It’s in the box!

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So, what’s really In the Box? Personal service and dedicated customer care perfected through design, the use of the best materials and quick turn-around delivery times… and to top it all, each product is packaged as a unique concept that strengthens the client’s brand and makes it stand-out in the company of any other packaging or range of spruced up boxes.

Innovation in the box

Trailblazing creative packaging since the early 2000s, the company has taken first prize in commercial packaging through manufacturing and supplying cost-effective materials. It has set new standards in innovation and creativity and above all, the service includes dedicated personal care from the owners.

Standard materials such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a form of polyester, as well as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a lightweight plastic, are used to manufacture standard-size and customised receptacles.

In the Box offers a wide range of cardboard and corrugated materials which amongst many other applications has proved itself to be perfect for fast food, confectionery, events, cosmetics, textiles and pharmaceutical containers. It is also ideal for smaller runs for parties and promotions.

Thinking outside the box

Standard sizes can be perused and ordered on ‒ the company delivers countrywide. All standard products, as well as shipper cartons, can be bought from the walk-in retail store at 625 Voortrekker Road, Maitland, Cape Town. The store offers more than 350 packaging options in addition to stock from local gifting companies ‒ truly a one-stop-shop filled with creativity, colour and compassion.

For creative customisation and uniquely shaped boxes, tubes, pillow boxes and customised die-cut shapes, contact the Marketing Manager, Jessica Verne on

In the Box: we go the extra mile (it’s a family thing)! We’re simply in love with making boxes and creating extraordinary packaging

Creativity, colour and compassion: visit In the Box at 625 Voortrekker Road, Maitland, Cape Town

One-stop shop: the walk-in retail premises offers more than 350 packaging options as well as different ranges from local gifting manufacturers

We do it your way: for creative customisation and uniquely shaped boxes contact the Marketing Manager, Jessica Verne on

Thinking out the box: each unique concept created by In the Box, highlights and strengthens our client’s branding and marketing opportunities

In the Box keeps it in the family

In July 2015 the Verne family bought a die-cutting machine with the intention of reselling it. The previous owner still had a few jobs to complete and asked them if they could run the machine for a few weeks – well, the rest is history!

Graham Verne and his family fell in love with this magnificent machine and the entire process of making boxes; starting with the design and concept, moving onto the die cutting and then finally the hand-gluing phase proved to be an exciting and rewarding process.

In the Box took on many corporate clients, all with different requirements. They started to realise that while they enjoyed working with big companies, they also needed to cater for small home-based businesses – businesses that couldn’t necessarily make the commitment to purchase thousands of boxes at a time … this was a challenge that gave birth to a brilliant entrepreneurial idea.

In November 2016 the family launched their first online store as well as a small walk-in showroom, featuring all of their products. The online store grew as they added new products and soon needed more processing space: they started to look around for a walk-in store.

During May 2018, they decided to take the risk and open a larger retail store in new premises, situated in Voortrekker Road, Maitland in Cape Town. The move was well received by the public, wholesalers and clients and the one-stop shop offers the public and clients a wide variety of ready-made and personalised products – there are more than 350 packaging options! The huge space in the walk-in shop carries a large range of products, enabling In the Box to offer consignment stock from local gifting companies.

The In the Box online shop boasts customers as far as the North West – and orders are streaming in by the day. They are a super-successful family business and, on their way, to become one of the largest personalised product and online packaging stores in South Africa.

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