Join our complete 2 Day Workshop for Learning how to Create, Shoot & Edit 360-Degree Virtual Reality Films & Stills.

In our 2 Day Workshop, you will learn all the theory needed to plan, shoot, edit and distribute 360-Degree Virtual Reality Films & Stills.

You will also create your own 360-Degree VR Film & Stills during the 2 Day Workshop.

This workshop course has 2 Virtual Reality experts that will ensure you become proficient with the skill sets needed to create a professional 360-Degree Virtual Reality Film.

Date of Workshop – Saturday, March 6th and Sunday, March 7th

Time – 9 am to 3 pm each of the 2 days.Location – 346B Victoria Road, Salt River, Cape Town.

See here for the link to the course:

Some of the 360-Degree Virtual Reality Filmmaking Course Contents:


How 360-Degree VR video works

Capturing 360-Degree VR video

Commercials & Education uses for 360-Degree VR video

Live Streaming using 360-Degree VR video


Planning & Logistics 

Understanding a range of different 360-Degree Cameras

Preparing For Your First Shoot

Concepts of Cinematography in the world of 360-Degree VR video.


Shooting your 360-Degree VR video 

Cameras & Rig

Logging Footage

Organizing Footage Lighting 

Post Production 

How to Stitch 360 Video

Editing 360º Video

Quick Color Grading in Premiere

Final Export in Premiere

Distributing Your Cinematic VR Content

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