PJ Twins are passionate about their community and music!!

Born in 1992, twenty-seven-year-old twins Peter & John Talmarkes from Bonteheuwel, Western Cape started singing at the age of 5. They were raised by a single mom who was unemployed and has been faced with poverty all their lives. They are passionate about their community and music. Peter and John are both lovers of life and live and breathe for the love of music that burns within them – music feeds their soul.

2012 was a pivotal turning point in their lives. They entered the 3rd Season of SA’s Got Talent where they progressed to the Semi-Finals, then Final where they have crowned the runners up. Since their success on SA’s Got Talent they have been in constant demand to perform at corporate events, charity events, festivals, and private functions both locally and nationally.

2013 was yet another year that brought about a mind-blowing experience, the PJ Twins were invited to perform alongside SA’s most talented musicians at the RMB Starlight Classics on the Great Lawns at Vergelegen, conducted by Richard Cock and directed by Ian von Memerty. The concert was anchored by the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra and as always was a huge success.

The PJ Twins have gone on to perform at a number of shows both locally and nationally and continue to WOW the crowds wherever and whenever they take the stage.

They are truly versatile and can perform a number of genres with ease. This was showcased at The Voice SA in 2019 held in Johannesburg where once again, the PJ Twins won the hearts of many South Africans and were placed in the Top 5.

Their ultimate dream would be to be given the opportunity to work with the legendary David Foster.

Currently, outside of working on their music, they are always keen to get involved in any community upliftment programs. They are Trustees of the Awehness Foundation Trust which currently offers Reading classes in Bonteheuwel.

The Aweheness Foundation Trust also offers the Reading in Colour” Programme at various libraries across Cape Town. Storybooks are printed in black and white where the kids may colour the pictures. On occasion, these children are also given sandwiches and fruit

Olka Bolka did an interview with Peter & John:

 Peter: Tell me in a nutshell about yourself?

I am quite social, enjoy going out with friends and family but prefer the more chilled environment when going out. I love entertaining at home. I also enjoy watching lots of Series’, listening to music, and of course, watching lots of music videos on Youtube to see what is hip and happening out there. I enjoy good food, curries in particular. And an occasional social drink with friends.

John: Tell me in a nutshell about yourself?

I am a little more reserved than Peter but I can also be great fun to be around. I enjoy being with friends and family and having a braai is always welcome. I love watching movies and eating good food.

Peter / John: When did you realise that you want a career in the music industry?

This was an obvious decision from the get-go. With a musical family, there was no other activity that we were interested in and we love entertaining.

Peter / John: Where is your love for music come from?

Our love for music grew from a very young age, our mom was very involved with the church and a part of the choir. So we were always surrounded by music.

Peter / John: What is your favourite music genre to perform and why?

Our favourite and most comfortable genre are Opera. This comes very naturally to us and we enjoy the connection it requires and creates between us.

Not to say that we don’t enjoy or perform other genres. We enjoy all genres and adapt to the event and because we love entertaining, we love what we are performing at the time.

Peter / John: Since when are you in the music industry?

We started participating in local music talent shows so if that is what you mean, we have been competing since the age of 5. But we were only formally introduced to the country in 2012 when we entered SA’s Got Talent where we were runners up.

Peter: Do you pursue another career besides music?

Yes, I have worked in television production and I really enjoy it but music is my passion.

John: Do you pursue another career besides music?

No, only music

Peter, you and John are very involved in your community, tell us about it?

We support our community whenever we can. We are incredibly busy and with the current demand for us to perform at various events, sometimes it’s difficult but we do our best.

Peter / John: Tell us about the highlights of your careers so far?

Definitely, being runners-up on “SA’s Got Talent” in 2012 and “The Voice SA” 2019. For us, it is a huge achievement to have made it so far in two world-class productions.

 Tell us something no one knows about you?

There’s not much to tell, we’re pretty much like an open book. We are just regular guys who enjoy spending time with family, watching movies, etc. What you see is what you get.

Do you write your own songs?

Yes, we do. We bounce off each other very well so that’s a great help when we’re coming up with new ideas.

Tell us shortly about your singles and is there an album on the way or a new single?

We have a number of singles out, the latest five beings:

“Rewind” was written by RJ Benjamin for us right after The Voice. And produced by Ebrahim Mallum. This song speaks about our love for music. This song was No. 1 on Heart FM for two weeks running.

Believe” was written by The PJ Twins, Produced by Twinzspin and Hamba Smallz. This song brings a message of hope. This song made it to the Top 5 on Goodhope FM. • “Steke Leke” written and performed by PJ Twins and Fusion Rhythm, Produced by Fusion Rhythm. This is a feelgood love song

. “Mandela” was written by PJ Twins, Produced by Twinzspin and Hamba Smallz. This song is about money and how money influences our society. This was number 1 for 2 weeks on Goodhope FM. We also released a music video along with this single which was playlisted on “Channel O” MTV Base and Trace Urban.

We also had a few other singles namely, “It’s Too Much”, “Choose Me”, “Music Light” and a beautiful Christmas song, “Christmas Time”

What inspires you?

Seeing our fans and supporters enjoy and appreciate our music inspires us. They keep us going and encourage us to want to do better.

If you could sing with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

We would love the opportunity to share a stage with the Award-winning, David Foster. David is one of the most successful and respected composers of all time and it would be such a privilege to work with him.

2020 was a very difficult year for everyone in the entertainment industry with Covi19. How did you experience it?

Yes, 2020 was a very difficult year but it was also very good for us on a personal level. Being in an industry that is so fast-paced and competitive, one very easily loses oneself. C19, Lockdown and the impact it had on the country, the industry, and the people around us made us take a step back and appreciate everything we had and not take anything for granted.

With Covid19 there has been a complete change in our lives and we have to think outside the box to survive especially in the entertainment industry, what else are you going to do to make sure that as a singer you still have an income from can make your music?

Given that the entertainment and hospitality sectors have been hit the hardest, it’s really not much fun at the moment. We were all doing whatever we can to survive. And this is when everyone in the entertainment industry has to stick together and support each other. So, I guess we all hustle!

What’s next for you, and how do you see your future?

The last year has been so unpredictable so we’ve adapted ourselves to be flexible, we’re going with the flow. But of course, we haven’t stopped singing in our own space and coming up with new fresh ideas. And as for the future, want to continue to grow and inspire the youth so we just hope for the best Staying focused, grounded, and true to ourselves.

Peter & John: What are you busy with at the moment?

We are very busy with bookings into the New Year and we have two Singles on the way.

Peter & John: What are your dreams and plans for the future?

Well of course we would love to make it big in the music industry.

What is your favourite:

Food and drink:

Peter: Curry & water

Peter / John: Music

We enjoy all genres of music. The only way we can grow is to expose ourselves to all genres.

Peter / John: Movie

Any good Series

Peter / John: Clothes:

Smart casual attire – jeans, sneakers..

Peter / John: Sport:

Not many sport fanatics

Tell us 4 things that you don’t like at all?

Procrastination, cold food, fizzy drinks & fake friends

Contact information:

johntalmarkes Petertalmarkes
Pjtwinspage Talmarkes

email us at Pjtwinsproductions@gmail.com. or
Peter PJ Twins: Or Peter.talmarkes@gmail.com

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