Blessings Of My Father.

New essay!

‘My father was gone, but his presence still lingered. So many of his dreams and visions hadn’t come to pass. What did it mean? That it was void, nullified, canceled? Or maybe it could continue, with me as his next generation? We often talk about the sins of the fathers, but what about the blessings?’

To read further go to this link: Blessings Of My Father – Vicki Fourie

‘Religion holds down my creativity; it boxes and limits me. Religion tells me, ‘Always be positive, never negative.’ Religion teaches me, ‘Emotions are bad, it’s best to suppress them.’

For so many years, religion was my partner in creativity. But I experienced a breakthrough once I started to visualize how Father God sees me when I create…
How do you see yourself when you create something? What happens to you spiritually and emotionally?

Read my short prose and be encouraged to start seeing yourself as Father God sees you whenever you create something…


The Partnership – Vicki Fourie

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