Tailor & Tramp stunned local audiences with their debut single, Midnight Temptation. Now this Pretorian group is back in the spotlight with a new, more impressive, song to showcase their incredible talent.

ALLEY CAT, produced by Mark Belling and written by frontman Werner “Weerlig” Kruger, is a catchy song about a ‘wild card’ type of personality who is also a nice guy. 

“The song is actually a self-portrait because all of my friends are always saying that I am a ‘wild card’,” explains Werner. “I think it is good to include something of yourself in your music because it makes it honest and relatable. It is a nice light-hearted song that everyone will enjoy.”

A music video of the song will be available soon, but they don’t want to reveal too much at this stage.

ALLEY CAT follows in the footsteps of Midnight Temptation. The song was an instant hit and got playlisted by several major radio stations.  

Tailor & Tramp consists of Werner, Fish Archer (lead guitar), Matthew Gerli (bass), and Reinhardt von Solms (drums) and has mastered the art of entertaining audiences with their unique Country-Rock sound.

Die group was established in 2018 after Werner and Fish started performing together as part of the music initiative, Uit Die Bloute.

Since then, they have done several live performances; the most notable of which was performing with Jo Black, Snotkop, Franja Du Plessis, Jay, Pieter Koen and more.

Although Covid-19 has thwarted many of their plans for 2021, they are busy working on their first album and plan to tour Nashville as soon as possible to introduce their music to the international market.

ALLEY CAT builds on the unique energetic sound and Country-Rock style for which Tailor & Tramp has become known for and is the perfect teaser of what this versatile group of musicians is planning for the future.

The song is available on all digital platforms. Download it here:  



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