Footprints on the moon new song Amongst the stars will have you captured from the very first note to the very last one.

The song, Amongst the stars brought to you by the musical greatness of the duo Dani and Chris, better known as Footprints on the Moon, will have you captured from the very first note to the very last one.

This song can be described as Celtic adult contemporary meets soft rock and is the first foray into the commercial music scene for this young duo.

Both Chris, who is a master on the guitar, and Dani, who is a multi-award-winning songstress, are musical prodigies and both have the ability to conjure up words into something that sounds magical – “out of this world.”

Dani and Chris, who only graduated from high school last year, met each other a couple of years ago – it was not just love at first sight, but also their love for music and the emotional connection it created that fueled their passion.

Dani has a voice as sweet as stardust, and on stage, accompanied by Chris’ melodic guitar mastering, transports you to a galaxy far away. Her voice strikes the same chord as that of the singer Kathryn Jones, and it is not a hyperbole predicting that Dani can become one of the greatest voices in the South African music industry.

Although Footprints on the moon was only formed this year, their music instantly appealed to music lovers, and it seems as if their great leap of faith into the unknown music industry was fruitful.

The meaning of Amongst the stars, says Chris, can be interpreted differently by the listener. “It’s a song of heartbreak, but also a song that takes the listener on an emotional journey. We need to learn to care less about the negative and care more about what matters. Live like there’s no tomorrow. Don’t waste your time with things that make you unhappy. Shoot for the stars. It’s a song for anyone and everyone.”

Dani and Chris are both obsessed with space and stargazing. “It makes you realize how brittle life is. And we want to leave our mark here, just as astronauts left their footprints on the moon, permanent and everlasting,” says Dani.

They both stem from musical families. “Although my dad played guitar all the time, and he and my mom would regularly have people over for small performances, I wasn’t initially interested in learning to play guitar. My sister however wanted to learn, and the more she progressed the more I was picking up what she was trying to play, and I was amazed that 6 strings could produce so many different songs and so many different types of sounds. It became an obsession to play the guitar as well as the legends on stage, so I picked up my dad’s guitar and started playing. I wanted to learn everything I heard no matter how difficult. Quickly the same thing happened when we got a piano. I have learned many songs not knowing when I’d play any of them outside my house, but I knew I wanted to perform and have subsequently managed to perform alongside a couple of artists before I met Dani.”

Dani’s love for music started when she was a little girl. “I was always surrounded by music because my dad was a musician, he studied music and was an excellent guitarist and my mom sang a lot, so my love for music started at a very young age. I started singing when I was very little, from kindergarten groups to all kinds of choirs. I started formal music training in high school and self-taught myself a bit of guitar and piano as well as the ukulele.”

The name of their group Footprints on the moon is also a metaphor for what they want to achieve with their music. “When we were trying to come up with a name, we wanted something simple, short, and memorable. Although our name is admittedly not short, we do think it is simple and memorable. We want our music to make an impact on people’s lives and inspire them. We want to leave our mark in the music industry and the history books like astronauts left footprints on the moon, untouched and permanent.”

Amongst the stars is a fantastic new addition to the South African list of must-listen-to songs.

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