Hard work and persistence pay off for actor Liaan Ferreira, who was nominated as Best Actor of the year at New York Film Awards!

Last year Olka Bolka did an article on Liaan’s success in the film industry and also an interview. We touch base with Liaan to tell you a bit more about this talented actor and his wife, Ruwé Jana.

Olka Bolka will definitely follow this actor and keep you updated.

‘I want to work as hard as I can and get as much done as possible. To be successful at anything, you must simply be what most people aren’t: Consistent’

Liaan Ferreira on acting, love, and making the most of every minute.

He is one of the hardest working and well-liked actors. 24 Best Actor Awards and 36 nominations to date. Most recently receiving the distinguished honor of being nominated for Best Actor of the year at the 5th Annual New York Film Awards. 

As the next chapter of his journey begins in 2022. From RSA to the USA, Miggie Krauspe meets the thoughtful star.

My greatest strength is having a strong support team. I’m lucky that my wonderful wifey supports my dreams no matter how crazy and impossible they may sound at times. It’s awesome knowing there’s someone who has your back no matter what. I always run my ideas by her and she’s very honest about it being good or needs refinement. (Laughs)

Her phenomenal advice and belief in me give me the strength and confidence to take the leap wholeheartedly into the abyss of possibilities. Privacy and quality time are really important to us. 

I love being at home and spending some quality time together with a good movie and popcorn.

‘I am definitely a firm believer in following one’s heart. This is exactly what I’ve done with my career and personal life.’

When I first met the Love of my life Ruwé Jana, my now beautiful wife. “Call it a cliché but it was Love at first sight.” When I saw her, I just knew. And within 6 weeks of meeting each other for the first time we got engaged and 7 months later, we got married on the 13th of October,2020, in Stellenbosch. 

‘The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart.’

Home is where the heart is you know. I have already received interest from America to see what I can do on the highest level with the very best in the world. It is the next natural step to take, with the amazing response from New York and Hollywood, Los Angeles. Liaan has become an iconic figure in the indie film circuit. Making a name for himself as a captivating actor with powerfully raw talent and an unorthodox approach to acting. 

‘I was a wayward child, very passionate and very determined. If I made up my mind to do something, there’s no stopping me…I don’t believe in holding back, you know, nothing in life is a certainty.’

Feeling misunderstood most of my life, I stayed true to who I wanted to be as an actor and person. Never straying from my vision to become an artist with something to say by always pushing the creative threshold to new limits. I want to collaborate with the best in the industry…there’s something special about creating something out of nothing and you need all hands on deck, a cohesive pursuit of a common goal.

An innovator to his craft as an artist, introducing new methods and ideas. It comes as no surprise that he has been asked to be part of several film festivals globally as a judge member at London Movie Awards and 1MinuteFilmFest in Cape Town.

The South African export has made it big in the United States with his brilliant work as an indie film actor – but long before he jumped international waters, Ferreira’s smile was spread across screens as Llewellyn Paulsen in 7de Laan (and we knew it’d one day be an icon). 

A renegade artist that feels strongly about imitation being an insult. ‘Being Original is important to me. 

For his directing debut “Fistful of Dreams,” he was nominated for best director and won the best cinematography in Toronto, Canada. The multifaceted artist will be showcasing his latest films as an Actor, Director, Writer, and Producer in 2022.

‘People think you’re crazy when you talk about things they don’t understand. I want to do things as an actor and filmmaker that haven’t been done before. Something that will spark a whole new way of thinking and telling a story.’ 

To get in touch with Liaan: 

Stella Talentstellatalent.co.za
+27 82 825 5722 psuzanne@stellatalent.co.za
Talent-ETC Artist Managementtalent-etc.co.za
+27 11 482 6245 phone
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