Brand Fashion Launch for Berra Styles by Boldella.

You are hereby cordially invited to an exclusive Fashion Brand Launch by Boldella for the Berra Label, by young talented designer Berenice.

Information to buy tickets will be at the end of this article.

Leadership in this industry for fashion design students is practically non-existent. Mrs. V Fanfoni helps students to build a portfolio and helps them with the basics of starting their own business in the fashion industry.

We will be doing this event every 2-3 months and will focus not only on fashion design labels but also on people in the visual and performing arts careers.

We would like to introduce the fashion design company: Mrs. V Fanfoni.

Vanessa Fanfoni is a self-taught fashion designer and has been designing evening and bridal wear for the past eleven years. During this time, she has an ongoing internship for fashion students from the University of Pretoria, Tshwane University of Pretoria, Lisof & Inscape Education Pretoria.

Spending valued time, training these designers, and helping them build a portfolio has allowed her to build a “royal family bond” with Vanessa and over time she has come to realise a very sad trend with regard to each of these students.

Once they have qualified, maybe two out of the ten fashion designers, actually start their own business.

Starting a fashion brand and business from scratch is never easy, yet it is possible.

We want to help bring the brand to the market to assist South Africans in the Fashion, Visual & Performing Arts industries to reach their goals by building their dream.

We also want to help businesses that need to boost their brand or launch a new product or brand.

Vanessa Fanfoni together with Miggie Krauspe from Olka Bolka Market, Media & Magazine, Vanessa Jardim, Monique Scott, Pearl Koatsane- a qualified fashion designer, and McKenzi also a qualified fashion designer makes out the team that will function under the umbrella of the Mrs. V Fanfoni fashion house under the name Boldella.

We are looking for a handful of sponsors and partners to take hands with us and help drive this vision, starting in Gauteng and expanding all over South Africa.

Events like this one will be done every 2-3 months to help other fashion designers as well as people in the visual, performing art industry and businesses.

Sponsors who partner with us will have ultimate marketing for their businesses by logos on every marketing material, mentioned by influencers, designers, and performing artists also an article about the business and sharing on social media by Olka Bolka Market, Media & Magazine.

It will be a plus if we can get everyone who gets involved or uses our services to be in collaboration to help each other by taking hands in all different businesses with the fashion, finer arts like visual, performing arts.

For this event, it will be a one-day photoshoot and fashion show both held at the venue. The photoshoot should be around 2 hours & then the fashion show will proceed over the evening. 

Our aim is also to get sponsors who would help to boost the fashion designers’ brand in one day!

Our first event will be on 29 April 2022 to launch Berenice a young talented designer’s brand, Berra Styles.

We want to draw a certain crowd to help boost the designer’s brand.

The entertainment industry, film industry, corporates, and fashion people who want to wear brand items.

We believe that South Africa has huge and great opportunities for our young fashion and performing generation, even though we have experienced hard times.

South African business Sponsors can help these designers boost their brands with orders from an exclusive fashion show and photoshoot in one day.

We have an incredibly talented, young fashion and performing generation who want to be seen. As a team, let us join hands and support them for one day, to make their fashion and performing dreams come true.

How this event will work:

  • One collection line of designs from the fashion designer
  • Models from Vogue Catwalk SA
  • South African influencers in the entertainment industry to be part of models
  • The photoshoot will be done on the same day
  • Our Venue is Casablanca Manor- a wedding and function venue where the catwalk fashion show.
  • VIP guests to place orders from the fashion show.
  • With the Berra Styles Brand, some outfits will be available to auction off.
  • 15 – 20 min entertainment for guests with Rea Le Roux and Frikkie Van Biljon both South African artists.

We want to build a valuable relationship with every sponsor and like-minded business that share the same vision for growth and come aboard so that everyone benefits from this venture. Let us make dreams come true!

Come support our local South African talent by purchasing a ticket to help our fashion and entertainment sectors get back on their feet.

This time with a mission for fashion in collaboration with the fine arts industry and am proud to introduce to you the BOLDELLA brand ambassadors. Finally, Berenice, my fashion design student, is graduating! I would love you to be there to witness her first collection line where you will be able to order these exquisite outfits on-site as they are modeled by Vogue Catwalk Sa, social media influencers Camryn Naaido, Kay-Lee Davis, and the famous actress Zelda Roelofs. There is more! You will be entertained by performing artists Rea le Roux, Frikkie van Biljon and MC Actor David Konrad and his wife Chantel. Mrs. South Africa Finalists will also attend.

With the help of our sponsors events like this will not be able to happen.

Sponsors already on board are:

Mrs. V Fanfoni Fashion House

Casablanca Manor – Function & Wedding Venue – Pretoria

Vogue Models

Olka Bolka Market, Media & Magazine

Image Perfect Photographers

Cia Bello Hair Studio

Makeup by Vicki Pienaar

Ilse Roux Make up Studio

Rozi Media Pro Photography

Misisi Salon

Tenaz International


Performing artist: Re Le Roux & Frikkie van Biljon

MC: Actor David Konrad

For more information to buy tickets and how to get involved please contact Vanessa Fanfoni on 060 555 6722.

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