HunTer Leite is nominated in two categories at The Josie Music Awards USA the largest independent Music Awards in the world! 

HunTer Leite was nominated for Music Awards hosted in Nashville Tennessee USA on 23rd October 2022, HunTer is nominated for 2 categories and is on the shortlist to perform at the awards ceremony at The Grand Ole Opray House.

This is HUGE considering that HunTer is the first South African Singer/Songwriter to be nominated for Music Awards hosted at The Grand Ole Opray House in Nashville Tennessee history. (Viva South Africa)

Well done and congratulations HunTer! We are so proud of you!!

OLKA BOLKA talks to HunTer about this amazing achievement to find out more.

When are the awards?

 The JM Awards will be held on 23rd October 2022 at The Grand Ole Opray House in Nashville Tennessee , USA.

·         Tell us more about you being the first South African nominated for the Josie Music Awards? 

Well, I have previously won World Music artists of the year for the 2019 JM Awards but this time it’s BIGGER because I am THE FIRST SOUTH AFRICAN NOMINATED FOR ANY AWARDS IN HISTORY HOSTED AT THE GRAND OLE OPRAY HOUSE IN NASHVILLE TENNESSEE USA. 

·         Can you tell us more about the awards themselves – I see this is their 8th year – who are the awards named after – do you know?

The awards are named after a very ambitious young lady named Josie Passantino-Boone, Josie has thrived from Radio presenter to the Ceo and director along with her mother Tinamarie Passantino.  These dynamic women push and drive independent artists/musicians across the globe to get out there and share their music and talent whilst giving recognition through The Josie Music Awards and the platforms linked to this prestigious organisation. 

·         Can you tell us more about the Grand Ole Opry House?

Well, The Grand Ole Opray House in Nashville Tennessee USA is where all the very famous Country personalities gather, do shows and host events, and so on. 

Some facts: the Opry showcases a mix of famous singers and contemporary chart-toppers performing country, bluegrassAmericanafolk, and gospel music as well as comedic performances and skits.[3] It attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the world and millions of radio and internet listeners.

·         How did the nomination come about?

I was nominated by several Americans ( which is an honour) after winning The JM Awards “World Music Artist Of The Year 2019” they have kept their eyes on me, with Covid the past two years have been a bit of a blur but I am back and ready to jet set off and make my dreams a reality. 

·         When did they let you know, you were an official nominee? 

On the 7th Of May, I was told by Kathryn Washington-Shipley on an inbox ” Good luck for JMA’s tune in” Kathryn Washington-Shipley helped me radio plug my song Cause God which is a gorgeous collaboration I did with The Beautiful talented Amy McAllister from the USA, I was not aware that they had submitted the song for nomination. Quite the surprise. So we watch the JMA live broadcast on the website that night at 9 pm and I was so excited to be nominated for 2 categories 

♡World Music Artist Of The Year 2022 and

♡Vocal Event Of The Year 2022 with Amy McAllister for Cause God.

·         Do you have a link to the song Cause God you did with Amy McAllister, which we could include online?

 Yes I do:

For more information or book, HunTer contacts her at 064 680 8900.

Herewith is some more background information about The Josie Music Awards.

The largest, most respected, revered award, and prestigious events & association in the independent music industry!

October 23, 2022, at the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville, Tennessee

The Josie Music Awards

Get To Know The Josie Music Awards!   (also referred to as The Josie’s or JMA’s)
The Josie Music Awards is a brand of The Josie Music Association, LLC owned by the highly-respected partnership team of Josie Passantino and Tinamarie Passantino.  The Josie Music Awards is the largest, all-genre, privately-owned award show globally.  This team set out and successfully created an award show where winners are selected on their talent, skill, material, professionalism, and more and NOT by button pressing voting.  Nominee suggestions go through a lengthy review process by a team of industry leaders and the official nomination list is created from their final decisions.  Winners are also selected by this industry leader deciding panel.

The Josie Music Awards is an all-genre music award show ceremony that includes a lavish red carpet and many performances.  Since its inaugural celebration in 2015, the Josie Music Awards was, is, and remains the largest independent artist award show globally.  Certainly, the most gala from the red carpet to the breathtaking venues the award show has been held in such as The Gaylord Opryland Resort “The Springs” building and the world-renowned Schermerhorn Symphony Center Concert Hall, The Nissan Stadium (all located in Nashville, Tennessee) ,  The Celebrity Theater in Dollywood (Pigeon Forge, Tennessee), and the Country Tonite Theatre (Pigeon Forge, Tennessee).  Thousands of people from around the globe attend such as independent artists, songwriters, record labels, talent agencies, promotion companies, producers, engineers, management companies, press, music industry businesses, family/friends/fans, spectators, and more come out each year to enjoy the performances, award recognition, and the elaborate celebration.   
The Josie Music Awards was created solely to celebrate those in the independent music industry that works so hard every day and deserve to have a night of their own.  This night is not only a celebration, it is also an outstanding way to connect with others in the industry and be seen by some of the top names/companies in the business.  The EXPOSURE can not be beaten or matched!

Past Award Show Celebrations:
2015:  We are so thankful for the amazing response to our very first award show.  We outgrew our large venue so many times we had to add two shows in one day.  This is an award show to celebrate the hard work of amazing independent artists.  This award show is for the artists!  Artists will NOT be asked to sell anything, pay to be a part of this event, or have to ask for votes to be celebrated when they celebrate with Josie, The Josie Show, and Country Blast Radio (all owned by Josie Passantino and Tina Passantino).  We have filled this night with award celebrations, meaningful readings from the artist’s fans, and fun performances.  The Lifetime Musical Achievement Award was presented to Razzy Bailey who was in attendance to accept his award. 

2016:  We had an incredible event this year at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Downtown Nashville, Tennessee!  Make sure to stop by the gallery tab to take a look!  This year was packed with music artists from all genres from around the world.  The night included red carpet photos, red carpet interviews by Casie Mason, radio station interviews, red carpet reception performances, an outstanding ceremony with 81 award presentations, and a concert event with 38 performances!  The award presentations included a Lifetime Musical Achievement Award for Vern Gosdin (Accepted by Beverly Gosdin).
​Click on the Receive Updates tab and subscribe so you don’t miss out on the event next year.  The Schermerhorn was filled with over 1600 attendees; a night we will never forget!

2017:  We had an outstanding time this year at the 2017 Josie Music Awards held inside the Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tennessee.  Near 3000 people packed the north end zone of the stadium to see amazing performances from 30 different artists such as Bucky Covington, Manny Cabo, Cort Carpenter, LuLu Roman and so many more.  There were 92 awards presented on this wonderful day in the sun.  MegaTrons were rolling with the happenings on stage.  The Career Achievement Award was presented to Hee Haw Legend LuLu Roman and the Lifetime Music Achievement award was presented to The Anderson Family (Lynn Anderson, Liz Anderson, and Casey Anderson).  

2018:  This year was beyond amazing!  We celebrated the entire day at Dollywood’s DP Celebrity Theater.  The red carpet experience and media were filled with excitement and cameras flashing.  The stage production and performances were out of this world.  This all-genre night celebrated 85 winners and was a packed house of talent.  The love and celebration of the independent music world filled the air.  The support within the room was over the top.  There were so many incredible performances including special guest performances from Heidi Parton & Chris Golden.  Also taking the stage this night was Tobi Lee & Mustang Sally, Rio & The Rockabilly Revival, Tom Euler Band, Amy McAllister, Kevin B Klein, and Cherish Lee to name a few.  

Get to Know the Josie Brands and The Owners!
The Josie Network, LLC is the leader in unique, cutting-edge brands which include:
The Josie Show (radio talk show – since 2009)
Country Blast Radio (licensed global radio station – since 2013)
The Josie Music Awards (largest independent music award show/association – since 2015)
Confidently Ready (beauty line including cosmetics, hair care, and skincare products)
The Independent Country Music Hall of Fame (honoring independent traditional country talents)
The Independent Country, Gospel, Bluegrass Music Association
Indie Star Entertainment (independent entertainment company)
The Artist Collection (published book)
Coming Soon… Published Book “The 7th Annual Josie Music Awards”
Cavalla Records, LLC.
Indie Star Publishing
IndiesVoice Magazine
Josie Music Association, LLC. 
Bobby Ray Boone Music Foundation

The Josie Network of Brands is a daughter/mother partnership
Josie Passantino, CEO/Brand
Tinamarie Passantino, CFO/COO

Josie is known as the “radio sweetheart” started her career in radio at the age of 14, and now at 26 owns a full network of unique brands.  Josie has interviewed over 3500 amazing talents in her 13 years on the radio for both her show/station and other shows she has hosted.  Josie is a multi-award-winning radio host with multi-award-winning brands.

Tinamarie is a multi-award-winning business manager with 30+ business awards as well as a book published honoree of the National Register’s Who’s Who in Executives and Professionals. Tinamarie holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management & an Associate in Child Development. Tinamarie has created million-dollar business locations for some of the largest companies in the U.S.

*Full bios of this daughter/mother team will be available at in future months*

Josie & Tinamarie have developed their own strategy over many years of working with independent artists and various business/entertainment operations to create the Josie Music Awards as an event that celebrates and supports those in the independent music industry like no one else can.  The full event, unique process, and incredible venues make the Josie Music Awards an experience of a lifetime.

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