Kerry B encapsulates various emotions in, I wanna feel, from her debut album “The Tree Singer”

From the pen and heart of Kerry B, a rising star in the South African music industry, sprouts a song that encapsulates all those emotions (fear, frustration, depression but also love) that were foreshadowed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

I wanna feel is a mixture between Indi-pop and country – a song so unalike that it can’t be tailored into any specific genre.

Crooned by Kerry B, a songstress that easily smooths over every musical range that a human voice can phonate, I wanna feel manifests lost dreams, disorientation, but also hope. In truth, this song is all about rising from the chaos and being alive again.

She explains that Level-5 Lockdown in South Africa was probably the strangest time of her life. “It was illegal to leave my own home except for essentials. So, what did I do? I took to nature.”

“The mountains that surround this area became a haven for me.  When things became too much to handle at home, I would simply escape to the mountain. Where no one could find me. Where no one could see me. Where no one could hear me. Or so I thought….”

“In those mountains, surrounded by nothing but nature, I started to realize something. I realized that I am worthy! I realized that I am deserving!  And most importantly, I realized that I am destined for greatness. I sang my way out of the darkness.  I sang to the glorious view from the top of the mountain.  And I sang to the trees surrounding me. I am not ashamed to tell you that I sang to the trees.”

I wanna feel is from her debut album “The Tree Singer” which consists of ten original songs. This album was well-received by local music lovers and critics. But it was this single I wanna feel that made the public sit random straight. The reason: Her throaty alto voice gives you goosebumps, and while listening to the song you could imagine yourself sitting in a tree; breathing in the fresh air and listening to the sounds of nature.  

Kerry B is a new talented addition to the music industry. She does not have a large footprint on local stages nor a repertoire on any local radio stations – but she has dreams, an ear for music, and musical fingers that can produce notes from multiple musical instruments such as bass, drums, percussion, ukulele, guitar, and piano.

She has a broad repertoire of songs in different genres and can easily jump between the country, pop, metal, alternative, and Indi. “I love to experiment with my voice,” she smiles. “But the only experience that I have in the music industry is being a music tutor.”

This Gauteng-born singer now lives in Hartbeespoort, close to the Crocodile River.

“Anyone who knows me will tell you that I love to sing. I have rarely if ever gone a day without singing. It’s been my most loyal companion.”

Among the trees, surrounded by nature, she became the Tree Singer…

I wanna feel serves as a reminder that a song can help to heal a broken heart. 

Kerry B says: “My hope is that when these beautiful souls sing along with the lyrics I’ve written, describing my own healing journey they too begin to heal their own hurt. And to become the people that they were meant to be. Your dreams are never arbitrary. Your gifts are yours for a reason. Use them.”

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