BakeitSA is a home-based bakery, that offers a selection of cookies as well as animal treats.

Kristen-Kelly Mustard

When I look at the mouthwatering pictures of a variety of home-baked cookies, I know I have to buy some.

Opening officially beginning of June Kristen-Kelly Mustard started off with her home-based business. Olka Bolka asked Kristen about her business, let us hear what she has to say.

What is your niche market in baking?

Most of my recipes are old-style and unique in their own way.

Tell us about your animal treats?

The dog and cat treats are still in development. Got pup ambassadors and will be getting cat ambassadors soon before launching. My pet treats will be vet-approved before the launch.  I also intend to cater for dogs like mine who have allergies.

What are your goals for your business?

My ultimate goal is to expand and help others like me who love baking to follow their dreams. Helping someone up has never harmed anyone.

Tell us about your recipes?

Most of my recipes originate from my late great-grandmother and probably further. I intend to cater to all types of markets including the diabetic community. My baking goods also do not have chemical additives.

Tell us about your business’s name?

BakeitSa popped inside my head during a very difficult moment in my life. I decided to name it this because I intend to not just bake cookies in the future but cupcakes and cakes for various occasions and possibly even open a shop.

Where are you situated?

I am situated in Norkem Park.

Tell us about yourself in a nutshell?

I am a fun, loving, abstract artistic kind of woman that fights for what I want. I do not give up and I love uplifting others.

Tell us something no one knows about you?

I don’t like to be in the limelight of my business. Bakeitsa is more than a company. It’s hoping to assist others to grow in the future.

What’s next for you, and how do you see your future?

I see a bright future provided I stay on a clear path.

What inspires you?

Customer satisfaction. Cookies is a hardcore business and when my customers love my cookies and service. I feel like I have done well for the day.

When is your birthday?

1st of March

What is on your bucket list?

I want to buy a house before 30.

What is your favorite:


Very difficult as I like music according to my mood except for the screaming and the really upbeat music.


Redeeming love was by far the best.

Food and drink

I love my boyfriend’s famous sweet chilly chicken with rice. By far the best dish.


I love to sometimes take a paintbrush and paint weird textures on my cupboard or do anything artistic that more often than not is a “can’t go back situation”.


A child called It. Anne Frank. Hunger games.

Holiday destination

I haven’t been to many places but Sabie is by far the best with its waterfalls.


Red, black and Blue


Minimalistic. I don’t like to stand out too much.

What do you dislike – name 4 things?

Dishonesty, manipulation, being in an office, and misrepresentation of character.

Where can people reach and follow you?

Facebook, Instagram, website, and WhatsApp

Cellphone for orders: 076 817 5168 – New menu will be soon up!!

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