The song is about how social media can influence the way we feel about our lives and what we believe is the ‘right’ way to live,” says Simone Govender about the meaning behind her fourth single, THE ATTENTION’S REALLY KILLING ME.

This personal pop-rock track, written by the singer with the assistance of Muse Studios’ Nick Jordaan (Rubber Duc) and Hugo Ludik (ADAM), came about in response to the artist’s own negative experience on social media. “I was stuck in a place where I was torn between trying to follow what I wanted for my life and what others were telling me to do. The more time I spent on social media, the more I felt like I was being left behind and living life wrong,” she shares. “To make things worse, I was also receiving a lot of hate from trolls on TikTok and Instagram about my music and appearance. The anxiety I was feeling at the time, sparked the idea for the song.”

Working on THE ATTENTION’S REALLY KILLING ME, turned out to not only be a healing process for the rising star but also gave Simone to showcase who she is as a person and artist.

“Everything about this song, including the genre, pretty much sums up who I am. I can honestly say that a piece of my heart went into this project.”

According to the singer, the track has a catchy high-energy melody, and relatable lyrics and includes an epic guitar solo that will appeal to a broad audience.

It follows in the footsteps of her 2021 release, Need To Be Yours, which was very well received and charted on several radio stations.

Simone was born in Durban but moved to Johannesburg as a child. She started piano lessons at the age of five and picked up the guitar when she was fourteen. It was then that she realised that she wanted to make music for a living.

After school she studied psychology, graduating in 2017. That same year she started pursuing music full time. Since then, the singer has performed with artists such as Jesse Clegg, GoodLuck, Rubber Duc, Bad Peter, Majozi, Desmond and the Tutus, and many more. She has also played at festivals such as Splashy Fen – a career highlight, she says – and Afriski, as well as at various venues across the country.

The artist is currently pursuing music full-time and is working hard toward creating enough content for her debut album. Now that restrictions have been lifted, she also plans on performing at venues outside of Gauteng.

THE ATTENTION’S REALLY KILLING ME is an impressive song with a powerful message that needs to be heard.

“At the end of the day, we all want a moment to breathe. We also need to remind ourselves that our worth is not determined by the latest trends, or the comments left on our social media feeds,” Simone concludes.

The single is available on all digital platforms. Download it here:



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