Bestseller writer of Paranormal Adventure, Kez Wickham St George has a passion for life.

Kez has a passion for life and an incredible desire to encourage all to tell their own story. Once Kez had made that simple decision that an author was who she was meant to be, where she felt so comfortable, as a storyteller, it was simple. She then embraced the many roads of authorship that were opened to her. She has become a bestseller in the Genre of Paranormal Adventure.

 A Trilogy writer in adventure / paranormal plus co-created an anthology book with her publisher MMH-press. Kez has written two children’s books that were received by two Royal families. Kez has been invited guest/speaker to attend retreats in Ako Japan as an Ambassador for creative arts, and Crom Castle Ireland as a guest speaker on her journey of creative writing. Resulting in two anthologies being created by many authors in different countries.

 Kez has her own book review page on Facebook and YouTube every week on Facebook. Apart from the business side of life, in 2020 Kez enjoyed giving back to her global writer’s community on a volunteer basis with Rare Birds. Her books are displayed in the Rockingham visitors center and in the KMD bookshop Rockingham as well as many digital platforms and libraries.

Kez Wickham St George

Kez is also an active member of different community projects. Recently signing a contract with the Lyrical infusion movie company, the anthology in the book Scribe proved to be of interest to them, which is now a short movie. Kez has accepted the challenges of life with passion as a creative author and encourages you all to do so. “Now with all I have been offered, I can now help you take your book to the rest of the world which is the Why in my life.

It’s a pleasure to be invited to these many platforms to encourage and mentor you to write your story.” I have found that the ripple effect is an amazing tool to help our youth realise their potential as powerful leaders. How do we do this, by becoming powerful leaders ourselves?

Holding out a hand to guide, teach, support, to be the authentic guide in another’s life has valuable kudos. Kez has been featured and now writes for three magazines eYs, Honeybee & Conscious Living, and recently a judge for the Stevie Awards USA. Most of all it is an honour, that you are reading my stories, thank you.

photo of the last trilogy Kez recently published plus a poetry book I published in May 2022
This book will be available in November 2022

Olka Bolka had an interview with Kez to find out more about this amazing writer.

Where were you born and raised?

 Lower Hutt City (Naenae) North Island New Zealand

Did you go to study after school, if so, what?

 Art school, religious curriculum, dance school

What is your profession?

Mentor, Author, Artist

Do you write full-time?

No, I often have a day off and try to relax.

Have you been reading since childhood?

 Yes, since I could put words together

When did you start writing and what was your first story?

 I was approx 7 years old and wrote for a school writing competition winning a gold star.

How many books have you written?

All together 16 books, published 14 books

What is your genre? 

Adult fiction/ adventure, Paranormal. My books are all about adventure for 55+ females. How we were once taught females don’t travel, are clever, or are considered intelligent, and how one lead character proved them all wrong.

What type of books do you read?

All of the above

Is there a book you read that made a big impression on you?

 Red Tent

What are your dreams?

To be a popular Author in the USA.

Tell us something no one knows about you.

Love to dance

What inspires you?

Life and All the intricacies of being a human

If you could chat with anyone over a cup of coffee, who would it be?

My paternal grandmother

What’s on your bucket list?

Cruise to New Zealand promoting my book

How do you want to be remembered?

A generous kind heart that lived a big life

What is your favorite:

Type of Music:  Rock

Singer: many of them, love music

Film: Ten commandments

Actor : Peirce Bronson

Food and drink: a hot cup of tea and chocolate biscuits

Relaxation:  gardening  & reading

Book:  MY first best seller Metal Mermaid

Holiday destination: Switzerland

What do you dislike – name 4 things.

Coffee, fish, liars, gossiping

Where can readers follow you, and purchase your books

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