There is a new boy band in town, The Best Regrets, and launched their first single, A Little More.

There is a new boy band in town – all of them are handsome, young, and as musical as mocking jays pushing electronic sounds through the airwaves.

These boys from Pretoria known as The Best Regretsrecently launched their first single, A Little More, and this song promises to pump some electronic waves into the South African music industry.

Except for a few electronic pop-rock artists like Emerger, Goldfish, and Goodluck, South African artists have not yet explored this genre which usually involves a combination of rock/pop and electronic music.

But with A Little More the members Jean Hepburn, Len Botha, Jaques Lotter, and

Jacques Mouton brought together not only the musical greatness of four young adults but also upbeat lyrics and smooth voices that reminds of Sunday afternoon cocktails at a beach bar somewhere on a Mediterranean island.

And as the name of the group indicates they do not regret anything; but rather refer to their mistakes as “best regrets.”

They create music based on a spark of inspiration and the result is usually a song that blends the sounds of true recorded music and electronic, synthesized instruments.

They refer to themselves as an Indie/pop electro band. Thus, they do not have to pump through the red tape of a record company.  “We recorded, mixed, and produced this song in our own small studio,” grins Jacques Mouton, the vocalist, and lead lyrist.  

The band was created when Jacques and Len recorded a song for another band at the college where Jaques, who is the drummer of the band, studied music production. Jacques then sent a few demos to Jaques, and the two of them decided to fashion a new modern pop-based project.   They decided to include Jean, who is the bass guitarist, in the group and that was also the genesis of The Best Regrets.

We focus on the feeling and emotion created during the writing process, and then we sculpt the song around the music,”’ explains Jacques.

 A Little More is a feel-good, laid-back song that contributes to a holiday feeling.  The song was written in a single night after Jean and Len, whilst playing the guitar, created a catchy melody. “We decided to create a demo,” says Jacques.

He carefully listened to the music and immediately crafted the lyrics for A Little More.  “At around 01:00 in the morning, we sent the song to the mixer, Rogan Kelsey. “

The song is all about being on holiday, escaping the rat race, and guiltlessly enjoying life – whether it is being on the beach, going to a party, or just enjoying time with your partner.

“It is about holding on to those special moments and reaching for every bit, before snapping back to reality,” murmurs Jacques.

A little more is a thrilling new edition to the South African music market and this song is only the beginning of musical greatness.

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