The brand-new luxury fragrance oil collection, TAPPUTI, just launched in South Africa, and this female-driven campaign sends a clear and direct message. “We believe in diversity, stand for women’s empowerment and support the local arts”, says director and owner, Alishia van Deventer.

The campaign kicked off at the beginning of November when two strikingly beautiful photos of 5 well-known A-lister female celebrity entrepreneurs were released.

Theatre producer, comedian, and co-owner of Die Boer in Cape Town, Margit Meyer-Rödenbeck; television presenter, voice-over artist, director, and co-host of Jacaranda 94.2 The Drive show, Rozanne McKenzie; TikTok star Chané Grobler who boasts more than 2.5 million followers; Danelle Liebenberg ElFar, a local Afrikaans Muslim social media influencer who travels between South Africa and Egypt, as well as social media influencer and wife of Theo Mafikizolo Kgosinkwe, Vourné Kgosinkwe, were introduced as the proud faces of TAPPUTI, which consist of a range of ten undiluted fragrance oils in the most exquisite vintage bottles.

Margit Meyer-Rödenbeck says: “It is such a privilege to be part of this very unique fragrance collection”, while Rozanne McKenzie adds that she is honoured: “It is such an honour to be part of this campaign. Thanks for including me in your vision!”

Chané Grobler exclaimed on Instagram: “I am obsessed!”

“I am extremely grateful that as a woman who wears Hijab, TAPPUTI gave me this opportunity, which is rare for women like me. I feel truly empowered. To have worked with the other ladies was like a dream!”, says Danelle Liebenberg ElFar.

Local artist Anna Katharina Kreatif was commissioned to paint 5 paintings to accompany the release of the collection to reflect the diversity of the brand and women amongst us and she outdid herself. The paintings can be viewed on and will be
used as merchandise at a later stage.

Local musician and songwriter, Lonefield, composed the jingle that can be heard in the first advertisement, which was launched as the second part of the campaign and will also release as a single soon. Watch the advertisement here and feel free to share it with your followers


Van Deventer found these exquisite bottles in Egypt during one of her frequent visits to her daughter and decided to bring them to South Africa. With a strong passion for women empowerment, and the arts and as a firm believer in diversity she worked endlessly to create the TAPPUTI brand and

“I am obsessed with perfume oils and also find it very hard to walk past a beautiful perfume bottle. The more unique, vintage, and exquisite, the more we want it! So, I went and found 10 luxury oils that I know women will love and combined them with a range of the most beautiful vintage perfume bottles I could find. Everything just eventually came together after 3 years of planning. We are excited for all South African women to experience our exquisite TAPPUTI. It took us long enough to get to this point”, she says.

The brand’s name, TAPPUTI, comes from Tapputi Belatekallim who is considered to be the world’s first recorded female chemist, a perfume maker mentioned in a cuneiform tablet. Archaeologists found a record of her work in clay on an Assyrian cuneiform tablet dating back to 1200 BCE. in Babylonian Mesopotamia. 

As a royal perfume maker, Tapputi wasn’t just the head of her own household (which is what “Belatekallim” means); she is spoken of as being an authority in her field and the official overseer of perfumery in the royal palace.

“We are all heads of our own households, many of us entrepreneurs or working women, mothers, wives, sisters, friends, and have to fill so many shoes. So Tapputi just fitted our brand and identified with us as women on so many levels. Tapputi had a fragrance, a story. We have a fragrance, a story. Every woman has a fragrance and a story”, says Van Deventer.

“Our next dream is to make TAPPUTI available nationwide through empowering women to be distributors, earn an income and create jobs.”

So here’s to TAPPUTI, a genuinely inspirational icon for female perfumers, scent chemists, and women like us that just cannot resist the scent of an incredible luxury perfume oil in a beautiful and exquisite vintage bottle.

May the legacy of Tapputi Belatekallim inspire you!

Scent is your own story, you choose how it’s told.






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