‘Love Has No Gender’ sing South African artists Thapelo and Gino Lee in the new single

“I believe music is a form of therapy,” says Thapelo. As a member of the LGBTQI community, and a newcomer to the South African music scene, the singer is coming in guns blazing with a beautiful pop / RnB track and the message that ‘Love has no gender’.

Teaming up with the renowned singer and producer, Gino Lee, the two not only put together a powerful composition, but the song, titled ‘Caught Up’, also served as a cathartic process for Thapelo and an anthem for same-sex relationships.

Fresh from his own broken relationship, the songwriter was experiencing a whirlwind of emotions at the time and decided to put pen to paper.

He explains, “I was in a relationship with someone I loved deeply. It was that ‘I’ll do anything for you’ kind of love. I gave everything I had but got nothing in return. I knew I was fighting a losing battle to the point where I was having sleepless nights.”

Thapelo, knowing the relationship was toxic, finally built up the courage to leave. Through this song, the singer hopes to create awareness that people of the LGBTQI community experience love and durable relationships, the same as everyone else.

He says, “I write about my personal experiences, but the music speaks to similar experiences that others can relate to. There are still many people who don’t understand the concept of homosexual relationships, but we also fall in love and enter into committed relationships. We go through the same challenges that heterosexual people do.”

With that being said, it is important to note that the song is not only directed at the LGBTQI community. It is a song for everyone. Everyone experiences love, regardless of gender, and although ‘Caught Up’ speaks of Thapelo’s personal experiences with love, it is all-embracing.

While this is the debut single for Thapelo, the novice brought in seasoned musician Gino Lee to sing on the track, taking the song to new heights. When asked why he decided to work with Thapelo, Gino says, “Thapelo is such a gifted artist. His passion for his craft and his next-level songwriting ability is what drew me in. Not to mention, he has an insane voice!”

The song which was recorded two years prior, has been a long time in the making. Sonically, the song is very soothing and infectious. Gino describes it as “a soulful RnB pop jam indicative of 90s RnB.”

“I’ve always loved that genre,” he adds.

Explaining what the song means to him, Gino elaborates, “This song is about taking back ownership of your life and independence after a breakup. I hope this song empowers people to be okay with their vulnerability and to realize that when these things happen and they’ve been hurt, it’s ok. It’s all a part of the healing process and a path towards closure.”

Thapelo concludes, “Being here and having achieved one of my long-time dreams means so much to me. I cannot wait for the world to hear more of my music. Also, this is just a message to everyone who feels invisible, unheard, and unseen, to know that ‘you matter and your worth is more than you realize, and there is nothing wrong with you.’ Remember to always live your truth because who you choose to love doesn’t make you any less of a human.”

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