LCP Productions is excited to announce the launch of The Last Night Of Lockdown, a dramatic thriller short film. The Last Night Of Lockdown is a story about a family during lockdown in South Africa and what they need to do to get through this tough time. The family must clean, watch TikTok videos, exercise, and more during their time in lockdown. However, on the last night of lockdown, something unexpected happens to two of the characters. The question however is ‘WHO DID IT?’

Producer and writer, Lukas Potgieter (Die Dans Kort Film), returns to his role as both producer and writer for this South African-based dramatic thriller short film. He says that this only tells one story of many that happened during the lockdown. One of the parents is forced to go to work while the other parent is left at home with the children. But with Lukas, nothing is ever just normal storytelling. There’s always a twist somewhere in his film projects.

This short film features some incredible, upcoming actors such as Stef Pretorius, Hanro Zweers, Natasha Janse van Rensburg, Lana Coetzee, and South African Independent artist CheraLee . It also features some returns to LCP Productions projects like André Olivier (Die Dans Kort Film) and Annie Opperman (Die Dans Kort Film).

Lukas Potgieter has partnered up with Coetzee Photography & Videography to bring this project alive. The magic that was made by this incredible team of people is truly magnificent. Lukas also commented on the true professionalism of the Coetzee Photography & Videography team and said he would want to work with them again in the nearby future.

The Last Night Of Lockdown is a story that will resonate with families all over the world who have gone through similar experiences. LCP Productions is committed to creating content that is entertaining and relatable, and The Last Night Of Lockdown is a perfect example of this. The film is a must-watch for anyone who is looking for a good story that will keep them on the edge of their seat.

The short film officially releases worldwide on Friday, 30 June 2023 on the SUPP platform.

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Lukas Potgieter | Actor , Producer & Writer

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