Introducing “My Pocket Stylist”

Elevate Your Style with the Ultimate Shopping Companion App

We’re thrilled to unveil My Pocket Stylist, a ground-breaking mobile app designed to revolutionise your fashion choices and unleash your true style potential. Created by Aletté Winckler, Africa’s highest-certified image consultant, and expertly developed by the “Ideas for Apps” team, My Pocket Stylist seamlessly merges Colour and Style, offering effortless style exploration and coordination right on your phone.

You can discover your unique style with My Pocket Stylist. Whether you’re a trendsetter, minimalist, or bold fashionista, the app delivers personalised style suggestions based on your preferences and body type, ensuring confidence in every ensemble.

Colours are vital for expressing personality and mood through attire. My Pocket Stylist empowers you to harness the power of colours, exploring a rich palette that complements your complexion, hair, and eye colour. The app features premium, basic, neutral, and nude colours, enabling you to curate harmonious outfits that shine in any setting.

Key Features of My Pocket Stylist:

  1. Style Quiz: Curate personalised style suggestions by selecting your preferred outfits and accessories from images, helping the app understand your style inclinations.
  2. Stylist Connection: Access a list of qualified Image Consultants for comprehensive style or colour consultations, in-person or online.
  3. Style Recommendations: Define your body shape and segments to receive tailored style advice, ensuring you maximise your wardrobe’s potential.
  4. Colour Coordination: Effortlessly discover perfect colour combinations that resonate with your unique features and effortlessly showcase your personality.
  5. Shop with Ease: My Pocket Stylist partners with top fashion retailers, directing you to brands that align with your vibe.

This innovative app, designed for Image Consultants and clients, disrupts the industry by offering a professional, practical, and cutting-edge solution. Say goodbye to cumbersome website procedures, outdated style books, or expensive colour swatches – embrace the digital transformation. As an Image Consultant, I confidently declare, “I’ve got an app for that!”

The search for a remarkable client experience ends with My Pocket Stylist. This app enhances the consultation process, providing an über-professional takeaway for clients. The app’s modern approach streamlines image consulting, adding professionalism and ease to the industry, attracting more clients to Registered Pocket Stylist Consultants.

Whether in-person or virtual consultation, input client measurements for instant access to results on body shape, face attributes, and more. The app conveniently covers Horizontal and Vertical Body Shapes, Colour Analysis, Style Personality, Face Shape, makeup, and beyond in the comfort of your own phone.

Image consultants can join as Pocket Stylist members, gaining exclusive access to purchase apps for in-person or virtual clients. The app offers comprehensive recommendations, from garments to accessories, vertical and horizontal body shapes, hairstyles, colour analysis, and more, ensuring up-to-date suggestions through seasonal updates.

Membership also grants access to the Pocket Stylist Image Consultation Online Toolkit, facilitating virtual consultations worldwide and providing immediate results through the app.

“We’re thrilled to introduce My Pocket Stylist to global fashion enthusiasts. Our app simplifies the style journey, helping users explore their fashion potential confidently. Everyone deserves to feel great in their attire, and My Pocket Stylist makes that a reality,” said Aletté Winckler, CEO of Pocket Stylist.

Download My Pocket Stylist now on iOS and Android. Embrace the power of colour and style at, connecting with an image consultant.

It’s time to ditch the swatch and switch to digital!





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