Stefan Enslin’s exclusive Film-In-A-Day workshop teaches and supports schools simultaneously.

Many children dream of one day writing their own screenplay for a film, writing a book, or being part of the writing team behind a popular soap opera.

With Stefan Enslin’s exclusive FILM-IN-A-DAY WORKSHOP, these dreams are achievable, while schools can also raise funds for all those essential expenses that arise throughout the year.

Enslin is a driven and passionate filmmaker, writer, director, and screenwriter with more than a decade of experience in the film industry.

With this exceptional project, he aims to give students a glimpse behind the scenes of the film industry and equip them with the fundamental skills needed to tell outstanding stories on the big screen.

In just a day (9:00 AM to 4:30 PM), aspiring writers and filmmakers will be exposed to the basics of creative writing, with a specific focus on the film industry.

The session will commence with an introduction to the film industry and the role of the writer, emphasizing the difference between writing for film and other media.

Following that, elements of a compelling story, such as plot, character, setting, and theme, will be discussed, along with scene building, character development, dialogue, and much more.

Apart from the creative aspects, attention will also be given to the business of screenwriting, including aspects like agents, pitches, and selling a screenplay, as well as legal and copyright considerations.

At the end of the workshop, there will be an opportunity to ask questions to ensure that each participant gains as much value as possible from the day, kicking off their career as a screenwriter on a positive and informed note.

Schools can invite Enslin to present the workshop and also show one of his films on a big screen at the end of the day. For more information and to discuss the necessary arrangements, costs, and logistics, please contact info@starburstmusic.co.za.

Over the years, Stefan has firmly established himself in the entertainment industry.

His first novel, Verskietende Ster, was published in 2013, with the film adaptation following in 2015, winning the Audience Choice award at the prestigious Silwerskermfees. He published his second novel, Tweede Kanse, in 2018.

This talented man boasts an impressive list of films, including Strikdas, Nul Is Nie Niks Nie, Liewe Kersfeesvader, and Klein Karoo, and was one of the writers on Getroud Met Rugby.

Op Soek na Reënboë, a kykNET feature film of which he was the screenwriter and director, premiered in 2022. He also worked as a line producer on an Emmy-winning documentary for CNN. This year, he is nominated for two South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTAS).

His upcoming projects include a documentary about the world-renowned heavyweight champion Chris van Heerden, a film about a painting pig, a documentary about Jacques Freitag, and a new novel in collaboration with the legendary writer Maretha Maartens.

Stefan possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience that he is eager to share with the next generation of screenwriters and filmmakers to help them achieve success.


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