South Africa – Award-winning South African singer-songwriter well-known for her
Afrikaans and English hits, releases her brand new mold-breaking EP titled “Elements”.

This time CheraLee’s prolific song-writing made its way to the desk of platinum-selling artist-producer
Daniel Baron, who in addition to producing the album, also collaborated vocally with her on the
lead single “Out Of My Hands”, an infectious pop-rock duet. The EP is a collection of heartfelt and
easy-listening songs that carry the bliss of sweet melodies and the earthy grit of blues and country rock.

As CheraLee continues to frequent the music festival line-ups & readies herself for the album
promo tour, she basks in the blissful feeling of sharing her masterpiece with her fans. “It’s been
such a wonderful journey creating this album, and I hope these songs resonate beautifully with
the listeners. I think there’s something for everyone on this album.”

All the songs on the EP refer to the four elements of Greek cosmology, namely Earth, Fire, Water
, and Air. “While we need all these elements in our universe to live, the elements needed to live a
complete and full-filled life lie within ourselves and our stories. My hope for this EP is to uplift and
inspire listeners all around the world through the lyrics and melodies of the songs.” Says the
multi-talented songstress.

CheraLee’s story-telling combined with her smoky vocal timbre reels the listener in by painting a
near-cinematic picture that is bound to emotionally move you. Hit-maker producer Daniel Baron,
who was closely involved in the musical arrangement of the compositions speaks about his
experience, “CheraLee went back into the archives of her past and selected some lost songs of
hers that we resurrected, then we also spent time creating new tunes as well. The blend between
new and old, modern and classic, and sweet with the gritty, is very apparent on this album. It’s

The hauntingly sweet wails of country-esque guitars drift over powerful piano chords, alongside
CheraLee’s smoky vocal tones, whilst powerful percussive elements lace together the traditional
with the modern, forming a wistful and elevating listening experience.

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