After 21 years, TenaZ is still changing people’s lives, here is Gerrit and Hannie Herbst’s story.

TenaZ was founded in 2003 by Sanet Muller, who is also the CEO of the company.

Sanet struggled with her weight for years and decided to formulate a product that promotes a balanced holistic lifestyle.

In collaboration with Dr Trevor Bailey, Sanet has already done 18 years of development and testing on Tenaz’s products.

TenaZ restores chemical, hormonal, and nutrient imbalances that cause unexplained weight and sometimes health problems.

With TenaZ’s products, they bring “mind, body & soul” together so that you can achieve your dream weight and goal.

Sanet and her team will support you in your weight loss journey so that you not only lose weight but also live a healthier life.

All TenaZ products are:

Pure Cell food

Free from Stimulants

And is not addictive

It is TenaZ’s policy not to treat children under 16, as pregnant or breastfeeding women. We do not claim to cure any medical conditions in fat control and lean muscle mass preservation.


Olka Bolka interviewed Gerrit and Hannie to find out more about their weight loss with TenaZ.

What are your Names?

Gerrit and Hannie Herbst

Where are you from, where do you live now?

Hannie: I grew up in Pretoria, we lived on the coast for a while and then went back to Pretoria. This is where I met Gerrit at a business.

Gerrit: I was born and raised in Vanderbijlpark and have lived here for 65 years now.

What Hobbies do you have?

Hannie: Sewing is wonderful for me, I have my place where I can enjoy myself.

Gerrit: I am busy restoring our house and then I like “handy work”

What methods have you used to lose weight?

We have tried various diets over the years and nothing has worked.

Hannie mentions that she always eats carefully because she only has one kidney and eating some of the diet products made her sick.

Do you exercise?

Hannie: I walk and jog in our yard.

Gerrit: I go for a walk and also when I’m at a mall, it’s nice for me to walk through the mall.

Where did you hear about TenaZ?

We heard about TenaZ on IFM radio station when Sanet did an interview and we decided to give it a chance because the products are plant-based.

What TenaZ products do you use?

Hannie: I started with the Dysfunctional pack, but now use the Shake, Fat Attack, bikini body, and stress capsules.

Gerrit: I started on the same pack, but have since reached my goal weight and I feel good and healthy, so I’m not using anything at the moment.

What is the reason you are now using or have used TenaZ?

We used TenaZ to lose weight, Hannie uses a few more products to control and maintain her weight.

How did you feel before TenaZ?

We were tired and discouraged, it was difficult to carry out daily tasks, Hannie says her health was very bad and the doctor told her that she had to lose weight if she wanted to live longer.

Is TenaZ easy to use?

Very easy, the instructions are very clear and the aftercare from TenaZ is excellent.

Why would you like to lose weight?

We both wanted to lose weight for better health.

Do you have any health conditions and are you taking chronic medication?

Gerrit: No problems and I do not take chronic medication.

Hannie: I only have one kidney and take blood pressure pills.

Do you move easily?

Hannie: Yes, after my weight loss, I can now even play with my grandchildren!

Gerrit: I feel really good and movement is definitely easier.

What do you weigh now?

Hannie: I was 152kg and now weigh 77kg

Gerrit: I was 112kg and now weigh 104kg

Tell us about your clothes, when you were fat or now that you are thin.

Hannie: It was always difficult to find clothes that fit properly and nicely, but now it’s really easy.

Gerrit: It was nice to buy new clothes.

How do you feel in your clothes?

Hannie: I feel nice and comfortable in my smaller-size clothes.

Gerrit: Clothes fit more comfortably now.

How do you make your TenaZ Shake?

Gerrit and Hannie: Just with water and it’s delicious.

What is your favourite food?

Hannie: Vegetables and pork

Gerrit: Vegetables, pork, and a nice steak.

Do you eat any treats?

Hannie: Canderel Chocolate

Gerrit: Any jelly sweets and Simba chips

Do you use alcohol?

 Hannie: No, but after my father passed away, I developed a problem in my brain and the doctor suggested that I drink one glass of dry red wine a week.

Gerrit: I also drink a glass of dry red wine with Hannie once a week.

Who would you recommend TenaZ to?

Hannie and Gerrit agreed that TenaZ is for everyone who wants to lose weight or control their weight.

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to use TenaZ?

Start as soon as possible, follow the instructions as well as help from TenaZ team and you will have success.

Does TenaZ Really Work?

Gerrit and Hannie agree that TenaZ really works and would highly recommend it.

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